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Solar Air Conditioner/Heat Pump

Iowa Solar Energy Dealer mini split heat pump

Indoor Head Unit W/ Display Off
(Drop down fin can pump heat down to your feet)

Outdoor Compressor Unit
(Ac Power and Solar Input Connect Here)



Schneider Electric Conext Inverter grid tie off system solar
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Small Wind 



Business Owners and Office Use
35.6 Degrees F!!

As a business, you're purchusing equipment that you can then depreciate after the tax incentives too.

First, the tax incentives alone drop the cost considerably. Then, as a business you get to also depreciate the equipment needed. Since you depreciate to zero, and the unit makes its own power, you'll then essentially have a free heating/cooling scenario very quickly. 

Many small businesses may find it difficult to make sense of larger solar systems, yet still want to participate in the benefits associated with renewable energy. Its also a really good image to be a green business owner in your community. 

For Your Home:

Home augmentation means keeping your existing system from running, Why? Because your existing system IS NOT as efficient as any heat pump product.

The goal is to keep the "Old Dinosaur" from running which saves you money! 

When that old dinosaur kicks on it spikes your Amps way up, it spikes your bill way up too. 

In The Greenhouse

A single unit is ideal for small scale fodder or microgreens operations. 


Many rural and ag applications

Heat pumps are proving to be game changers in many applications. Your heat pump is going to take you well into the shoulder seasons of your growing operation. This will give you a longer season and more optimal conditions than any other self contained package out there by providing additional BTU's in the cold. 


During the hot months you can bet that the Hotspot will be working overtime, where it can take humidity out of the air for easy capture and storage to put right back into the soil, saving you on water. For those of you on municipal water supplies, this is more important when your rain barrels go dry. The de-humidification will provide free water, which is how happy little plants like it! 

Remote Cabins or Tiny House

The challenge to remote heating and cooling is removed.  The solution is here, with a 380V max solar input, you can stack up to (6) 72 cell modules for cloudy days. 

If night time operation is critical or desired, the 48V option is available for use with other amazing products. 

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