100% Solar Air Conditioner Mini Split Heat Pump
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  • Patented D/c Input and override

  • Close to ZERO day-time Operating Costs

  • No Interconnect Headache

  • Can Run On Only Sun

  • Great for many uses

  • Tax Credits 

Perfect for Cabins, Islands, Offices, Restaurants, Bars, Home Augmentation, Greenhouses!!

Heat pumps ARE THE ANSWER!!!

Solar Mini Split Heat Pumps


Click here ACDC12C

Iowa Solar Energy Dealer mini split heat pump
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Federal Incentives

State Incentives

Accelerated Depreciation

Utility Incentives




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Dual glass means the panel can be the roof of the structure. 


Our products allow for creative designs with patented watertight seals, only found through our distribution network.

Also available

Cost effective standard framed modules. 

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Industry Leading 25 Year Warranty

A New Look at Onsite Wind and Solar

Become Your Own Utility Company

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Bergey Windpower 10kw turbines


Neodymium (rare earth) Alternator Design

Few Moving Parts

Proven Durability

120 ft. Lattice towers

Pad/pier concrete foundations

100% Turnkey Installations

10 Year Warranty on Turbine

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Solarworld 280 Monocrystalline PV Panels


DPW Top of Pole Racking

8" Schedule 80 Galvanized Steel Poles

Midnight Solar Combiner Boxes

Linear perfomance warranty

Testing that exceeds international Standards

Many sites around Iowa 

100% Turnkey Installations

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Bergey Charge Controller


DC Battery Charging 
Off Grid Capability

Only Controller to handle Bergey 10kw Neo Alternator

Programmable Set Points 

Picture is 1 of first 5 produced. Installed in Iowa

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Outback Radian Inverters


8000/4000w Models

Grid Interactive or Stand alone

Dual AC Inputs (Grid or Generator)

Large Range of Applications and Functions

Supports Wide Range of Batteries
GridZero Tech.

Easily Manage your Energy

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