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Wind Energy

bergey excel 10 dealer installer sales buy
wind solar installation installers sales import panel distribution racking hardware
Sales of new wind energy equipment
Sales through manufacturers and other distribution affiliates 
Small Wind Market up to 100Kw 
Service and maintenance of existing turbines
Electronics troubleshooting and repair
Inverter systems or PLC Controls
Blade service, maintenance or swap out
Tower inspection and torque 
Line Meggars for dropped phases
Communication for remote monitoring
Lattice or Monopole tower erection
Foundations for SSV/SSL Towers 
Environmental/Soil Analyses through partners and affiliates
Excavation of foundation holes
Laser elevation accuracy 
Construction concrete work associated with all Lattice and monopole towers
Pad/Pier design criteria 
Back-fill and compaction tamping 
Iowa Solar Energy Dealer mini split heat pump
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bergey excel 10 dealer installer sales buy
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Become Your Own Utility Company

Bergey wind power electric iowa solar install quote

Bergey Windpower 10kw turbines


Neodymium (rare earth) Alternator Design

Few Moving Parts

Proven Durability

120 ft. Lattice towers

Pad/pier concrete foundations

100% Turnkey Installations

10 Year Warranty on Turbine

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Solarworld 280 Monocrystalline PV Panels


DPW Top of Pole Racking

8" Schedule 80 Galvanized Steel Poles

Midnight Solar Combiner Boxes

Linear perfomance warranty

Testing that exceeds international Standards

Many sites around Iowa 

100% Turnkey Installations

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Bergey Charge Controller


DC Battery Charging 
Off Grid Capability

Only Controller to handle Bergey 10kw Neo Alternator

Programmable Set Points 

Picture is 1 of first 5 produced. Installed in Iowa

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Outback Radian Inverters


8000/4000w Models

Grid Interactive or Stand alone

Dual AC Inputs (Grid or Generator)

Large Range of Applications and Functions

Supports Wide Range of Batteries
GridZero Tech.

Easily Manage your Energy

Aquion Battery off grid iowa solar panel installer

Bergey Excel 10Kw

Bergey Windpower

Bergey Windpower offers the most reliable turbine in its class at 10kW. The Bergey Excel has a design history dating back to the 80's thats been refined over the years to give you the longest manufacturer warranty in the industry at 10 years.

All Bergey Excels are manufactured in the mid-west at Bergey Windpower's headquarters and facility located in Norman Oklahoma. Bergey has a long reputation of being the "tanks" of the industry with a last turbine standing approach.

System Description - Rotor

In October 2008 the Excel-S was upgraded to a more efficient Powersync II inverter. In July 2009 the Excel turbine was upgraded with a more powerful alternator and longer blades. Performance has been improved by an average of 25%. The rotor system consists of three pultruded fiberglass blades. Acting like aircraft wings, the blades convert the energy of the wind into rotational forces that can drive a generator.

The blades for the Bergey Excel are quite flexible. This contributes to their long life by reducing the stresses in the blades during both normal and severe conditions. Blade sets are carefully matched for balance at the factory to ensure smooth operation of the wind turbine. Each blade has a balance number inscribed on its root pad at the inboard end.


The generator converts the rotational energy of the rotor into electricity. The generator utilizes permanent magnets and has an inverted configuration in that the outside housing rotates, while the internal windings are stationary. It was specifically designed for the Bergey Excel and produces power at low speeds, eliminating the need for a speed-increasing gearbox. Since it uses permanent magnets, the generator is generating voltage whenever the rotor is turning.


The mainframe is the structural backbone of the wind turbine. It serves as the attachment point for the yaw bearing and the housing for the yaw-axis slip-ring brushes. The yaw-axis is the full 360 degree pivot that allows the turbine to freely align itself to the wind direction.

Slip-Rings and Brushes

The slip-rings and brushes conduct the electricity generated in the generator from the moving wind turbine to the fixed tower wiring. The slip-rings are enclosed in a metallic housing to help portect them from lightning.

Tail Assembly & Autofurl Operation

The tail assembly keeps the rotor aligned into the wind at wind speeds below approximately 33 mph. At about 33 mph the Autofurl action turns the rotor away from the wind to limit the rotor speed in high winds. The tail appears to fold, but in reality the tail stay stationary as the rotor turns sideways to the wind. the rotor furls to a maximum angle of 70 degrees, so that the unit continues to produce power in high winds. When the high winds subside the Autofurl system automatically restores the turbine into the normal straight position.

PowerSync II Inverter

The UL approved PowerSync II Power Processing Center allows the Bergey Excel to be connected to the wiring in your farm, home, or business. The output of electricity is identica to utility power, hence the term "sync." The PowerSync II has an interactive digital display for reading grid faults, output, and other important operating parameters and characteristics of the inverter. Currently Bergey is working on software to remotely reset the turbine in the case of a fault so that you can do so via internet connection. This is very helpful in remote locations like telecom.

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